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  1. E30 (1982 - 1993)
    Hey guys/gals, I'm looking to change my fuel pump/filter on my 1988 325e and was wondering what aftermarket parts would be recommended? Not looking for anything special. Just something to get my car running again. Also, I'm not 100% sure its the fuel pump/filter that crapped out but it...
  2. E46 (1999 - 2006)
    So, i have a 2000 328Ci that made in September of 2000. And as you may have know, that gas prices are going up and I've gone into under taking on getting as much MPG as i can get. Like reducing weight, proper inflated tires, alignment, new air filter and stuff. And while going on my list i...
  3. 7 Series - E65 / E66 (2002 - 2008)
    Does anyone know where the fuel filter is located on a 2004 745I? My mechanic didn't have time to change it and didn't know where it was off hand. Any help would be great. Thanks
1-3 of 3 Results