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  1. G30 (2017 - Current)
    Hello, i got G30 with LED headlights but i want to upgrade to Full LED or Adaptive LED. Can i just replace with new headlights or i should change the modules too.
  2. F90 M5 (2018 - current)
    I came across an Instagram-clip the other day of an F90 with seriously sharp looking wheels. I own a G30 myself and was hoping to find these or look-a-likes somewhere in a size that would fit (275 rear). The rims in the pictures have the same kind of feel to them as the M Performance 669M, but...
  3. Interior
    Listing a set of front and rear WeatherTech floor liners from my 2018 540i. Excellent condition - truly like new. Black in color and carpet anchors are included. Only selling because I prefer the look of the OEM all weather mats for winter. Located in Northwest Arkansas but will ship at buyers...
  4. BMW Coding and Programming
    Hi Got a g31 525d. In the EU (I'm from DK) the rear lights are OFF for DRL modus. Anyway to code them to ON? It's not available in iDrive... Thanks
  5. G30 (2017 - Current)
    Just got a G30 last week and it seems like the key fob only works if you're standing next to the thing. As in I was walking into work today and forgot to lock the car, so I stop and press the lock key on the fob. I'm maybe 50ft from the car and it does nothing. Single press, double press, press...
  6. BMW Coding and Programming
    Installed the dashboard LED 6WB (on bmw 5 g30), did not reset it, because mileage is less. Basic car with ENTRYNAV2 (small screen without navigation). ESYS coded, the dashboard looks gorgeous, switches modes (sport, eco, standard), mileage picked up. But it does not display radio switching...
  7. 5 Series DIY
    I wanted to black out the chrome trim on my g30 but I wanted to take the trim off than wrap it, I can't find any tutorials on how to take the g30 trim off anyone know how to do it? or is it not worth it and should I just wrap it without taking it off
  8. Exterior
    OEM Black Kidney Grille Fits 2017-2020 (Pre-LCI) - USED condition $100 obo plus shipping The Platypus License Plate Mount for 2017-2021 BMW 530i, 530e, 540i, M550i. Fits model with M-sport bumper. - USED condition $75 obo plus shipping
  9. BMW Coding and Programming
    Greetings, My car has front massage seats. I've just realized that passenger massage is not working (2017 G30). I couldn't activate it niether via the button on the door, nor from the iDrive menu. Nothing happens when you push the button (lights not turning on, no popup on the screen). All...
  10. Interior
    Like new WeatherTech trunk liner for a 2017-On G30 5 Series without spare tire. Used for about a month before deciding to order the full spare tire kit. Which I then found out my newly purchased trunk liner would no longer fit...
  11. BMW Coding and Programming
    Hello, I've recently bought a g30 530xd 2017 and I would like to code some stuff on it, but as i began going down the road on how to code I got stuck on the e-sys launcher and how to acquire it. As far as I understand the program is provided when you email TokenMaster, but most people seem to...
  12. Wheels and Tires
    I am selling my OEM wheels with TPMS and tires. They are in excellent condition with no scratches, bends, or cracks. Tires are relatively new. Located in SoCal, willing to ship if buyer pays shipping. Fronts 245/35/20 Rear 275/30/20 $1800 obo
  13. G30 (2017 - Current)
    Hi - I'm interested in purchasing the unicorn 540d (in carbon black, no less). I've been keeping an eye on, BMW CPO, leasetrader and swapalease. Obviously, very few come available. I'm not sure how many were imported to the states, but it looks like < 200 from what I'm reading? I...
  14. BMW Coding and Programming
    Hi, I am sharing BDC_BODY2 file from G30 readed by Esysx. Also translated with Google. I hope will be helpfull for you. %90 with comments I-Step Current S15A-19-11-540 I-Step Shipment S15A-17-03-505 file is xlsx delete .pdf
  15. G30 (2017 - Current)
    Hi, I was wondering if anyone in Canada has installed an after remote starter on their g30? 1. Where did you get it installed? 2. Does it void the factory warranty? 3. I heard CSI car starters does it. Anyone has experience with them? Thank you
1-18 of 98 Results