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  1. E36/7 Z3 (1996-2002)
    Hello, I am looking to buy a Hardtop in or around the Boston area for my 99 M roadster. If someone is selling please PM me asap. Thanks. Solomon Fine
  2. E85 / E86 Z4 (2003-2008)
    I think this is the part number: 54217120219 I am just wondering if anyone has any information on where to find a white hardtop kit for my car. I can't find any for less than 5,000, which is too much for me.
  3. E36/7 Z3 (1996-2002)
    A couple of years ago my father bought the hardtop for my 96 Z3 roadster and now all we need is the equipment to install it in my car. The only question i have is what exactly do i need to install the hardtop, and can somebody give me to a link of where i can buy the install kit.
1-3 of 3 Results