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  1. General Automotive Forum Climbkhana: Pikes Peak, a new film series by World RallyX driver Ken Block coming Summer 2017. The next generation of the Gymkhana series, Climbkhana features Block's 1965 Ford Mustang Hoonicorn RTR V2 with a twin turbo, methanol power, 1,400...
  2. General Automotive Forum
    The latest installment of Ken Block Gymkhana series dropped the other day. Somehow I missed it and after a quick search I was surprised to not see it posted up yet. I guess it's kind of 'more of the same,' but I'm always up for tire smoke, engine noise and drifting cars, so here it is. Hoonigan...
  3. BMW News Ford Performance, XDubai and Hoonigan proudly present Ken Block's Gymkhana EIGHT: Ultimate Exotic Playground; Dubai.
  4. General Automotive Forum
    Shot on the actual streets of San Francisco, California, GYM5 features a focus on fast, raw and precise driving action. Filmed over four days, director Ben Conrad and his team are back to work on their second Gymkhana production and delivered the entire city of San Francisco as Ken Block's...
  5. Motorsports, Racing & Track
    For those who have yet to witness this video, the old El Toro Marine Base in Orange County, CA no less..
1-5 of 6 Results