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  1. European Delivery
    Looking to do our second ED in July and just got the welcome package. There is a link in there ( which is supposed to be used with the access code which I have, but the site doesn't popup anything (I've turned off blockers and I've tested 4 different browsers)...
  2. European Delivery
    Hi, I learnt there is a Lufthansa free companion ticket scheme for travellers going to pick up their BMW for ED. I saw on their website- it is valid only from Jan 1st 09 to Dec 31 09 . Does it get refreshed every year ? Or it is not going to be available in 2010 ? Thanks
  3. European Delivery
    Has anyone been able to get in touch with Lufthansa 2 for 1 customer service number today? I've been put on hold for almost 40 minutes now and was wondering if the strike affects them in any way. I was supposed to confirm my tickets by today but was thinking if it is possible to ask for an...
1-3 of 3 Results