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  1. Ask-A-BMW-Dealer
    Hi all, getting ready to join the BMW family by ordering a ‘23 M340i ! I had some questions on the order process & finding an allocation, or details about waits. I was given a VIR from a local dealer with status 047 ‘no quota’ which I’ve taken to mean is not an allocation (dealer originally...
  2. 3 Series & 4 Series
    Is anyone looking to have their M340i lease taken over?
  3. G20 (2019 - Current)
    I'm thinking on changing shock absorbers in my 2021 m340ix. My country roads are bumpy. I'm looking for an softer shock absorber (the one that is able to travel longer path on bumps because of less resistance while compressing). I've been speaking with Bilstein support and they proposed B6...
  4. Que, Ont, NB, NS, Nfld, PEI
    I have for sale my barely used AWE track edition exhaust I had this professionally installed on my 2020 M340i, but ended up selling the car about 2 weeks after install. Exhaust is in pristine condition other than some grime from being under the car for a few weeks. Save yourself the tax and...
  5. G20 (2019 - Current)
    Hi guys I just got my 2022 m340i, any recommendations on winter mats for the car? Also any other accessory for it would be helpful. Thanks
  6. G20 (2019 - Current)
    Hi guys I'm picking up my first bmw next week. It's a 2022 M340i xdrive. When I test drove the car i noticed it had a soft limiter so can't rev the car properly. Is there any way to remove that? Also all recommendations for mods are welcome as well. Thanks
  7. G20 (2019 - Current)
    Hi everyone, I just bought a used 2020 M340i with 10,000miles on it. I have never driven a car with a LSD before so I don't quite know how it feels. But it seems to me that if it is the LSD kicking in, it actually make the car unstable at long corners at high speed. When I approach a long...
  8. Black Sapphire

    2020 G20 M340i M Performance
  9. Black Sapphire

    2020 G20 M340i M Performance
  10. G20 (2019 - Current)
    Pics here: The throttle and transmission mapping on the BMW is superior because of how linear the response is. The Audi is a lot more laggy and it took me a while to get used to driving it. It had an annoying lag in D mode that I never really fell in love with. In S mode it was nicely...
  11. New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone! Recently pulled the trigger on an M340i and I am absolutely loving it! Past cars include a B8 and B9 generation Audi A4 and an F30 3 Series. This is a HUGE upgrade and I can't imagine getting tired of this car anytime soon. ngs
  12. Ask-A-BMW-Dealer
    Hi folks! First time poster and new to these forums. Hopefully not breaking any rules, and if this is the wrong place to post please let me know. For the past ~10 years, I've been driving an Infiniti G37/Q60 via leasing. I've been pretty happy with the cars, especially with the performance...
1-12 of 13 Results