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  1. E63 / E64 6 Series (2004 - 2010)
    I'm currently after a headlight to suit a 2008 LCI E63 6 Series however finding the right one is confusing as there are a number of different types. The EU part number (from is different to the same part on US cars. Furthermore, it seems that RHD vs LHD headlights are also...
  2. 645 with M6 mods.jpg

    My 2K4 BMW Convertible
  3. After a wash.jpg

    Clean as a whistle!
  4. Daily Driver.jpg

    I like this angle!
  5. A timeless Classic.jpg

    This is NOT a car to let your girlfriend drive or loan out to your buddy!
  6. The Ferrari Killer.jpg

    My car is so fast, it can turn out the lights and be in bed before it gets dark!
  7. Cars - Private Party
    ABOUT the M6 • She is 1,746 of 1,767 made • Recently owned by Matt Rose, owner of Ronin Autowerks in Fullerton Ca. o He completed majority of the work listed below and has been the mechanic maintaining the car for the last 8 years o You can see the work he’s done while the M6 was in his...
  8. Cars - Private Party
    I am selling my 2008 e64 Quick Look Specs are: 42K Miles - Monaco Blue, Carbon Fiber Dash Original Owner Always Garaged If you don't know this car: V10 6 Speed Manual -- one of only 378 produced in US 500 HP M Mode Customizable Driving Modes Head Up Display Soft Close Doors Premium Sound...
  9. F12/F13 M6 & F06 M6 Gran Coupe (2012 - current)
    At RW we are constantly getting photos sent to us from customers that are stoked on receiving and installing their carbon fiber parts. Some of the latest photos came from the owner of a freshly wrapped BMW M6. This M6 got many pieces of ours including fender trims, trunk spoiler, rear...
  10. E60 M5 (2006 - 2010)
    Hi, I have a newbie question. Does Launch Mode shift thru the entire range of gears or just send the car off in first and leave the rest to the pilot? Im very afraid of trying this again due to the first attempt leading to a domino effect that put my rig in the shop 8 months. Sooo, two vanos...
  11. Site Sponsors & Bimmerfest Group Buys
    Spruce-up the rear end appearance of your F8X M3 & M4 with RW's Carbon Fiber Exotics V2 Style Rear Diffuser. This diffuser is an aggressive appearance upgrade, that features rear bumper splitters reaching both rear wheel wells which maintains the vehicle's classy appeal. Each diffuser is...
  12. Site Sponsors & Bimmerfest Group Buys
    Argueably the most aggressive front lip style we offer for the 2013+ BMW M6 - the Khoen style carbon fiber front lip is sure to turn heads. This M6 carbon fiber front lip fits all 2012+ F06, F12, and F13 M6 applications. This carbon fiber lip extends roughly 3" in front of the bumper offering an...
  13. Site Sponsors & Bimmerfest Group Buys
    Enhance your F06, F12 or F13 6-Series front end appearance with the BMW F06 F12 F13 M Sport RWS Carbon Fiber Front Lip. This front lip is hand crafted using 100% authentic 2x2 carbon fiber, carefully designed to match any OE or RW carbon fiber items you may have. Installation is a breeze, and...
  14. 6 Series DIY
    Full instructional Video (Including special tools, parts, torque specs and skill level) on how to replace the downpipes on an M6. Its the same procedure for an M5 and very similar to an N63. Feel free to comment opinions or questions. Special tools: Torque wrench, stubby 6 mm allen and...
  15. F10 / F11 (2011 - 2016)
    Hi everyone! I made a DIY video on how to replace the downpipes on an M5/M6 S63TU in case someone wants to tackle the project themselves. Feel free to share. Full instructional Video (Including special tools, parts, torque specs and skill...
  16. F12/F13 M6 & F06 M6 Gran Coupe (2012 - current)
    One of the most elegant cars on the road today, without question, is the BMW M6. This one was hot of the road into the RW Carbon Shop for a fresh new looks to bring some extra fire to what already is a hot car. Looking to add some aggressive styling to the back end, This M6 Driver didn't skip...
1-16 of 269 Results