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  1. F22 / F23 2 Series (2014 - Current)
    I'm having a really hard time trying to transfer my iTunes Library from my MAC to my 2 Series Hard Drive. Talked to both Apple and BMW but neither were a big help. Here are the issues: 1. How should I format the USB Stick Drive: MS-DOS (FAT) or an Apple format like OS Extended (Journaled)? 2...
  2. BMW Coding and Programming
    well, finally got my car coded. I used: 2012 Macbook Pro Retina Windows 8.1 64Bit OEM Via Boot Camp Thunderbolt to Ethernet Adapter Ethernet to OBD2 Cable Esys Version 3.24.3 PSdZ Version 4.8.0 I also downloaded every single how to pdf cheat sheet etc i could find. let me tell you what a pain...
  3. Performance
    Hi guys I have the following available - shipping to the US is availble.