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  1. E36/7 Z3 (1996-2002)
    I have been having problems with the convertible top on my 1999 M-Roadster. I've had it successfully repaired by my mechanic twice over the last 18 months. Within a few months of both repairs another component in the system broke down and the top quit working. On the most recent occasion, I...
  2. E36 (1991 - 1999)
    1996 318i convertible. Full manual top. Top down and covered. Cover won't unlatch. Trunk interlock (micro switch pass side, actuator in trunk and drivers side latch) all seem to be working. Note pass side latch doesn't seem to latch (can lift that side an inch or so). Driver's side...
  3. E36 (1991 - 1999)
    hi there, I'm tired of my slow lumbering SAAB convertible and am looking for an affordable 3-series BMW convertible w/low mileage. However, I don't want to go through any convertible power top issues that I've gone through with my old 1995 Saab with it's 6 motors powering the convertible top...
1-3 of 3 Results