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  1. F40 1 Series (2019 - Current)
    Hi there, I have 2020 model F40 116d with id6. The car doesn't have navigation or smartphone interface. I am searching for if anyone could activate carplay please let me know.. At least I want to just make sure if it's possible without changing hardware so maybe we could find FSC or something...
  2. BMW Coding and Programming
    Hello everyone, I'm searching used BMW radios for sale on my country and am having a hard time figuring out what model is each hardware I encounter. The sellers also have no idea what they are selling, the only info I have are the pictures, and it's sort of hard to tell them apart. Can you...
  3. Car Navigation, Audio & Electronics
    Hello, I've just purchased a new BMW 530e 2020. G30 5-series built after 07/2019 use the new iDrive 7, which uses a MGU head unit (instead of NBT-EVO), RAM+Booster amplifier (instead of ASD and AMP) and TCB2 (instead of ATM). MGU connects to RAM using an OABR ethernet bus, instead of the MOST...
1-3 of 3 Results