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mid pipe
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  1. Parting Out
    Hey All , I'm selling off a few parts and items for this car. 1st Dinan + Performance Engine Software - BMW B58 (M0) Engine F22/F23/F30/F32/F33/F36 G01/G02/G11/G12/G30/G32 Part# D900-B58-F-S1-W $1,099.95 I'll let go for 500.00 used only a year . Very simple plug and play. 2nd. Dinan High Flow...
  2. Performance
    For sale: 2016 F30 340 x drive OEM midpipe. Selling because aftermarket Dinan midpipe was installed on the car. On vehicle until 40k miles. $400 OBO Located in Carbondale, Colorado. Will provide photos upon request.
1-2 of 2 Results