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  1. Performance Center Delivery
    I ordered an X3 on August 6, but my CA has yet to hear back on scheduling the pick up in SC. I called the BMW genius and they said it would be done by 3rd week of September. I've never done one of these. How much time in advance do they give you? When have you all been contacted with dates...
  2. Ask-A-BMW-Dealer
    Good evening, I am new to Bimmerfest. I visited my local BMW dealer today to test drive and find pricing for a 435i convertible. I would like to do a PCD as I live 4 hours away from the center. Is it better to go through my local dealer or are there internet dealers on this forum that can...
  3. F80/F82/F83 M3 and M4 (2015 - Current)
    So… I’m a Client Advisor and just wanted to relate my experience of ordering my own personal F80 M3. I’m going through the same feelings of anticipation and excitement that many of you have already or will be experiencing. I’m doing a PC Delivery as well and will attempt to document my...
  4. European Delivery
    Hi Folks Plan to do a ED+PCD on a 2014 % series any good dealership you can recommend? Thanks
  5. F30 / F31 / F32 / F33 / F34 / F36 (2012 - current)
    My f31 328d is on a ship making it’s way to South Carolina for a PCD… However my CA says because there is an issue with the EPA mileage estimates, they will not schedule a delivery slot… sounds fishy to me…
  6. Performance Center Delivery
    My car is currently in Bremerhaven, lonely and cold, waiting for his ship to the states :) Every time I call the 800 number the message is the same: "Your vehicle is currently at the port awaiting a shipping vessel. There is no shipping information is available at this time. " Anyone else...
  7. Performance Center Delivery
    I just learned, sadly, that the X3 plant is closing at the end of April 2013 and will remain closed through some time in 2014 as they retool it. While the plant is closed the PCD will not include a factory tour. :thumbdwn: Apparently they give you a voucher to come back and do the tour...
  8. Ask-A-BMW-Dealer
    I am in NJ and would like to purchase a 2013 535i xdrive but can't travel to Germany for delivery. Is there a way to have the car delivered to me without travelling? I did hear about Performance Center Delivery in SC which isn't out of the question for me but not preferred. I guess I would...
  9. Performance Center Delivery
    I did ED for my new 550xi on May 17th and dropped off in Geneva on May 22. After a long..long..long journey on WW Integrity, my car was dropped off at Brunswick VPC on 7/1. Just received my PCD date (they can't book until ED cars clear customs...), and I'm set for Friday, July 27th. :thumbup...
  10. X3 F25 (2011 - 2017)
    I plan on buying a BMW X3 28i with PCD pickup and then travel back to Oregon. If I buy from an out of state dealer over the internet, how do i get tags and plates for the car when I pick it up? Who handles this? Do i get a temp SC registration until i get back to Oregon? Does PCD provide...
  11. Performance Center Delivery
    I just got confirmed for my first PCD data - Sept. 29. Not only is this my first PCD, its my first BMW. Any tips or tricks for the noob. I am very excited. I'll be picking up my 2011 535xi. Looking at Tail of the Dragon for the way home, any other trip suggestions for a trip back to PA...
  12. Performance Center Delivery
    Just confirmed with ED sales department that my car cleared customs on Monday and is now at VPC. Hoping that it gets released to trucking company soon so I can schedule my PCD. Was wondering if you can find out what they did to the car at the VPC. Specifically wondering if there was any...
  13. Performance Center Delivery
    Hats off to the staff of the BMW Performance Center; especially Jonathon, Andy and Donny. They made our day there this past Thursday awesome! We took Greyhound from ATL to Greenville since a one-way rental would have been over $200. I had obvious apprehensions, but the trip was actually quite...
  14. Performance Center Delivery
    Did anyone receive a confirmation just prior to the PCD? I have tickets to fly out on Thursday to pick up my car at the BMW Performance Center in SC on Friday. Just happened to be looking at my dealer's website and see that my car is listed for sale. I'm sure that it is mine because it has my...
  15. Performance Center Delivery
    I'm in negotiations on an 2012 X5 35i and wonder if the $825 Destination Fee is waived when doing PCD ?
  16. European Delivery
    Munich drop off March 31. PCD redelivery May 24th. Not too shabby. Also, the car was unloaded in New Jersey and will be trucked down to South Carolina. Go figure.:thumbup:
  17. Performance Center Delivery
    We took a few shots at the PC and here they are. Fantastic experience.
  18. Performance Center Delivery
    Wow! A great experience on the track especially the loop that includes the slalom. You get a real feel for the handling and braking capabilities of your car. You also get some excellent driving instruction. All of this was extremely limited by the two hours that you have on the track. I...
  19. Ask-A-BMW-Dealer
    Can dealer on the forum please send me the price sheet? I can only find the invoice pricing on the forum. Thanks!
1-19 of 20 Results