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  1. The MINI Board
    I've recently purchased a 2010 Mini Cooper S with navigation from California. It had the disc for west US, so I replaced with with the proper one (included with car). The map now loads properly; however, the location is still stuck in California. It moves when I drive, but 3000 thousand miles...
  2. The MINI Board
    Hi guys, What other recommended oil should I use for my car? Manual says: Viscosity Classes: 0W-40, OW-30,5W-40, 5W-30 Approved Oil Types: -Bmw High Performance SAE 5W-30 -BMW LL01 -BMW LL01 FE (FE- Fuel Economy properties) These oils are only suitable for the following engines: N1x, N2x...
  3. The MINI Board
    Hello All, I have a manual 2007 mini cooper. When you start it cold, the engine idles fine but when it warms up a bit, it gets really rough and at times cuts out. The check engine light is on and comes up with codes P0014 and P0015. Does anyone know what this is or could be because right now, I...
  4. Exterior
    Pick up only. Located in Rosemead, CA Mini Cooper Spoiler R56 Color: White Mini Cooper R56 Intake trim Color: red Mini Cooper R56 Side Mirror Covers Driver and Passenger Color: Black Mini Cooper R56 Spoiler Color: Black Mini Cooper R56 Front(w/ grills) + Rear Bumper assembly Color...
1-4 of 4 Results