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  1. BMW News
    Like the M2 before it, BMW is turning up the wick on the M5 Competition, which will feature several visual updates and an extra 25 hp, according to a forum member from bimmerpost. The poster claims have an M5 Competition on order and a contact in Munich who has been feeding him information...
  2. BMW News
    The M division is allegedly bringing another new model to the show floor in Geneva. Based on the 8 series platform, sources suggest it take the shape of an M8 convertible concept. The rumor comes from BMWBlog, where a source dropped the rumor, claiming that the car we saw would be neither a...
  3. BMW News
    We've been expecting the i8 Roadster for quite some time now. So long, in fact, that it's about time for a mid-cycle refresh, and rumor has it, that's exactly what's happening. BMW has reportedly fettled with just about everything a carmaker could on the upcoming i8 Roadster, set to be revealed...
1-3 of 4 Results