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  1. F10 / F11 (2011 - 2016)
    Hi everyone. I have a problem which has been driving me crazy for a couple of weeks now. I had the classic sinking back end on my F11, a few weeks ago. I replaced the airbag, (I replaced the right one 2 years ago and all was fine) and it pumped up fine. However, overnight, it seemed to sink and...
  2. BMW Coding and Programming
    Hello to all, Is there anyone who can provide a free copy of the 2018.12 for the EF Clone? I really need a leg up with this. thanks to all, Beastie645
  3. General BMW Questions
    I cant figure out how to delete this thread
  4. E89 Z4 (2009 - current)
    Hello guys! I own a 2015 BMW Z4 sDrive35i and currently have an issue with a hardtop. For some reason, it started to open up just a half (you can see the pictures). The last sound I hear before it stops - it unlocks the part above my head and I'm able to push it a bit upwards. However, even if...
  5. General BMW Questions
    Anyone out there using a scanner they can recommend. Something I can also use for resetting after transfer case oil change and after installing new injectors. I multiple BMW's I plan on keeping so I want to stop having to take it to a shop just for programming
  6. X5 E70 (2007 - 2013)
    I just acquired a 2008 X5 6cyl. I’m interested in getting a handheld scan tool that can not only read the codes but also update/clear/battery code. Any suggestions? I have looked at foxwell
  7. X3 E83 (2004 - 2010)
    My e83 has the light trifecta again-- The lights (4x4 etc) appear as soon as the engine is started, even if the car doesn't move. The word "BRAKE" is in red if that matters. I replaced the gear in the actuator motor at 70K miles, and am now at 148k. Trifecta Lights came back and I assumed...
  8. F30 / F31 / F32 / F33 / F34 / F36 (2012 - current)
    I just got an "Engine Oil Pressure! Stop carefully" message in my 2012 F30. I have been reading many threads with different situations showing different symptoms like lost of power, sudden stop, etc... which is not my case. The oil change was done recently (about 2-3 weeks ago) in a local BMW...
  9. E39 (1997 - 2003)
    Check engine light came on and tried to pull the code with a basic Actron scanner. Tried the OBDII port and the 20 pin underhood port with an adapter and got "Failure to Link" in both cases. Then I tried a Schwaben (Foxwell) NT510 BMW-specific scanner. Using the OBDII port I got "Not...
  10. BMW Coding and Programming
    Just saw this scan tool on another website. Not much detailed info though. Anyone have any experience with this scanner? Any info, or input on it's capabilities good or bad would be very helpful.TIA
  11. BMW Coding and Programming
    I have heard there are BMW specific codes and generic p codes. Question is, does anyone know of a reasonably priced handheld scanner tool that can pull BMW specific codes. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. X3 E83 (2004 - 2010)
    Does anybody have experience with the Schwaben (Foxwell) Professional Scan Tool? The Q&A suggests that it can perform that Transfer Case adaptation we've been arguing about. It's also touted in the description that it can do the new battery registration (another task sparking much contention)...
  13. X3 F25 (2011 - 2017)
    Has anyone got one of these, looking for a decent scan tool
  14. E36/7 Z3 (1996-2002)
    I want to purchase a OBD2can codE reader and keep coming across Equus brand w/ good posted reveiws. Does anyone have experience with this tool.What options or functions should I make sure a code reader scanner has to be the best value? Thanks for any input.
  15. Mobile Electronics and Lighting
    I have for sale a BMW Diagnostic laptop. It's currently listed on eBay: Please let me know if you have any questions! ALL BMW and MINI Makes and models...
  16. 7 Series - E38 (1995 - 2001)
    Would like to buy my own scanner to diagnose my e38. Which one do you recommend?
  17. E63 / E64 6 Series (2004 - 2010)
    I've been reading through the threads and looking for a good scanner. It sounds pretty unanamous that the INPA scanner is the way to go. I've found BMW Ediabas/Inpa that looks like it comes with software on Amazon for about $43. So I should be able to plug this in and read all the OBD and BMW...
  18. Australia
    I have a BMW 3 Series E63 318i (Built December 96 but according to the plates it's a 97 model) and it won't start. I am not getting spark on any of the spark plugs I have Fuel Pressure and the starter motor is turning over. I have checked all of the connections, sensors and the ECU and they...
  19. Do-It-Yourself H.Q.
    Hello Everyone, Just made this today, thought I would post it and maybe it could help some people! :thumbup: Complete walkthrough of installing the Factory Car Alarm for my BMW 330xi. My particular car came without the OEM Car Alarm installed, so I bought the three pieces off eBay for $130...
1-19 of 34 Results