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  1. BMW Coding and Programming
    Hi All, I am most of the way through retrofitting an NBT Evo ID6 HU (HW version 4.2) into my US SAV F25 2013 X3. (I plan to post a run-through once everything is up and running.) Everything works except for the OEM Surround View/Backup Cameras and the PDC display. (BTW -- I am NOT using any...
  2. BMW Coding and Programming
    Hi... I hope anyone can help me. I am installing a TRSVC rear view camera for my friend's f30. I installed several 3AG with NBT Evo and Evo2, but this time, I can't make VO code to the head unit. How can I FDL code the rear view camera (TRSVC) 3AG to my friend's NBT Evo2??? Thanks in advance!!!
  3. BMW Coding and Programming
    Hello, Problem is that after I replaced my all around camera module TRSVC (old one got few drops of water into conector and coroded badly), parking guidelines don't stay ON. I have to turn guidance by hand every day. Module had same code but it was taken out of F01, I drive F10. I have...
  4. BMW Coding and Programming
    Hi all, Could you guys please help me code the trsvc on my f07 using e-sys? I use the following ecu. 66539302258 Here’s what i did so far: 1. I added 3AG AND 5DL to the FA and coded HU, ICM, TRSVC. Ista D shows errors in trsvc sying that the LIN CAMERAS ARE NOT RESPONDING. As far as i...
  5. F22 / F23 2 Series (2014 - Current)
    I installed the AVIN display and not only does it look better than the 6.5in, but the touchscreen is a nice addition. I also added the CarPlay dongle and it works decently well. There are some slight latency issues after it has been used for a short while. It seems to be something an updated...
1-5 of 5 Results