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  1. E34 (1989 - 1995)
    New guy here I have an 1995 BMW 525i, replaced w/ new tumbler. Turning the key to start car is difficult. Not smooth at all like she once was. I have to move it back-and-forth multiple times, and apply much pressure to get it to "click" and start. It requires this sweet spot that takes 4-5...
  2. E21 (1975 - 1983)
    My key wont turn into the accessory position and therefore I can't get to the point where I can stick in a piece of wire/pin to slide the tumbler out. It still turns a bit and I've tested that its the correct key because other bmw keys I have go in the slot but don't turn at all. How do I...
  3. E30 (1982 - 1993)
    Hi guys, while I've been going through all my random loose ends to fix on my 88' 325ix, I'd really like to get my driver side lock to work! Every time I have to lock my car I always end up having to go over to the passenger side and press the lock down. The tumbler in the driver door doesn't...
1-3 of 3 Results