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tuning boxes
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  1. 7 Series - G11 / G12 (2016 - current)
    RaceChip is official Bimmerfest sponsor and would like to introduce you the all-new RaceChip GTS Black for the BMW G11/G12 740i and the BMW G11/G12 750i The RaceChip GTS Black is a plug&play additional control unit that is installed in the engine compartment. It is a mini-computer that...
  2. Australia
    Hi everyone, I have a e-sport tuning box that is almost brand new for sale. Retails $1309.!product/prd14/2371644211/bmw-f-series-18i-e-sport-tuning-box Will sell for $700. Makes a huge difference re: performance. It was used in my 2012 118i F20 which I...
  3. BMW Diesel Owners & Enthusiasts
    I bought a tuning box off ebay from a german company. I figured for $100, worth a shot, and they offer 30 day money back. Plugged it in (after getting the engine cover mostly loose - holy crap is that a project just to get the cover off on a 2011 335d!). Went for a drive, seemed about the...
1-3 of 3 Results