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  1. F30 / F31 / F32 / F33 / F34 / F36 (2012 - current)
    I was attempting to flash my B48 with BM3’s OTS Stage 1 93 Octane map, but it gave me this error. My car is a 2017 and as far as I’m aware has never been tuned in the past nor is the dme locked. Does anyone have an idea what could be causing this?
  2. E90/E91/E92/E93 (2006 - 2013)
    Hello all, I bought my 2006 E90 BMW 330D (M57) with a supposed 368horsepower however the car feels stock, I have all the necessary modifications for at least 400hp now so just needs a tune. I need some help with fault codes that I have found with INPA. Error code - 4587, clogged fuel filter. I...
  3. General BMW Questions
    Anybody have a plug-in-play OBD2 performance chip recommendation? I see various options and all have good and bad reviews. For a 2014 550i
  4. F30 / F31 / F32 / F33 / F34 / F36 (2012 - current)
    Hello! I'm looking at flash tunes for my b48 2018 330i. I have my eyes set on BM3 or MG Flasher but I can't pick between which one. Can anyone help me with the pros and cons with each one? Are there better features on one than the other? reliability? I installed an MST Intake and a charge pipe...
  5. F30 / F31 / F32 / F33 / F34 / F36 (2012 - current)
    Hi I am new to all this and I was wondering if anyone on this would be able to help or know anymore information. If I wanted to eventually go to a stage 3 on my N13 316i F30 what route would I need to go. So Far iknow Stage 1 - (standard ECU tune map) is all I need I think. Stage 2-...
  6. F30 / F31 / F32 / F33 / F34 / F36 (2012 - current)
    I’m new to modifying exhaust and everything that lies under that category. I want my car to be louder but not riced. What modifications should I make to my exhuast? Exhuast tips? Mufflers? Downpipes? The whole shabang. Any recommendations and sizing is greatly appreciated.
  7. F80/F82/F83 M3 and M4 (2015 - Current)
    So I just traded in my 2020 430 Gran Coupe that i bought last year and put almost 30k on, for a "used" f83 M4. It was an executive car, so never registered or insured, driven on dealer plates only and way less miles than my "new" one. Anyway, I ordered a bunch of parts: K&N air filters, a JB4...
  8. X3 M, X5 M, X6 M, Z3 M & Z4 M
    Hi all !!! Aero tuning package bumper spoilers installation on BMW X5 E70. that package can only be installed on LCI model 2010-2013. Front and rear bumper spoilers assembly. I am doing that video, just because there is no any instructions on the internet of how to assemble all the pieces...
  9. E90/E91/E92/E93 (2006 - 2013)
    I have an 08 335xi and i just got into tuning , i did my first log and i was hoping someone coukd tell me how it looks or if theres anything wrong, stock except for charge pipe and bov
  10. F30 / F31 / F32 / F33 / F34 / F36 (2012 - current)
    Hello! I am after some tuning parts for my BMW 335D xdrive f31 and some numbers. The tuning i am after is Hybrid Turbo ( biggest you can find ) M550D fuel systems. somebody knows where i can find that? and those of you who have tuned your car with a big hybrid turbo, 550D fuel systems, dpf...
  11. Do-It-Yourself H.Q.
    Hi everyone! I am making tuning headlights and taillights luxury cars, if someone wanna dynamic turn signals, animated turn on headlights or absolutely custom work - write me! I will Waiting for your suggestions. [email protected]
  12. BMW Coding and Programming
    Hello guys, I'm 16 and I want to start doing the 2 things I love the most: Working on cars and programming. I want to know what it takes to get started on coding, programming, creating keys, tuning for BMW, Mercedes, Audi and pretty much every car manufacturer . I have a little knowledge...
  13. X5 E70 (2007 - 2013)
    New to the forum and new to BMW, we recently purchased a 2011 X5 xDrive 35D. Great little SUV/SAV whatever they wanna call it. But I cant leave well enough alone. For some back ground info i have custom tuned our vehicles myself for the past several years and have also ventured into doing...
  14. E60 / E61 (2004 - 2010)
    Hey Team, I just bought my 2006 E61 530xi Touring with the N52 engine. I'd like to get more horsepower to enjoy the drive more. I'm not looking to blow anybody's doors off, I would just like some more horsepower. Asking around at work for suggestions, the two most popular ones are: Getting...
  15. E90/E91/E92/E93 (2006 - 2013)
    I'm brand new to tuning and need some advice from anyone experienced with COBB mods on a N55 335i. There is a new 2+ kit (AccessPort v3, FMIC, Catted Downpipe, and Aluminum Charge Pipe) on ebay. It was purchased for a 2011 335i E93 manual with N55 engine. Does anyone know if it will work...
  16. X5 F15 (2014 - 2018)
    Finally finished the muffler delete project. Used 2.5" in and out steel x-pipe, dual Vibrant bottle style resonators, and 4' inch double layer steel quad tips. It took some time to finalize this project as I was trying to figure how to fit the quad 4" tips and what tips to use. I also changed...
  17. F07 Gran Turismo (2010 - 2017)
    I am new to the BMW world. Being curious I've noticed there are many performance upgrades available, some of them in "chip" format. I assume these chips void the BMW warranty, correct? Are there other downsides? How are these chips installed? Thanks to all.
  18. E90/E91/E92/E93 (2006 - 2013)
    So I plan on purchasing a Burger sports DCI and a ARM motorsports Charge pipe along with a Tial 11 psi BOV for my 335i 08' I already have a COBB on the OEM map. I am unfamiliar with the tuning process and read somewhere that it could be a problem if I used a mass airflow system but does that...
1-18 of 75 Results