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  1. European Delivery
    It's my 2ng ED. Pick-up date is September 19 /Monday during Oktoberfest../ Trip from Munich to Salzburg, Vienna, Venice /Greece Cruise/, Lake Garda and drop-of at Zurich. Is it not too cold to stay overnight in campsite with cabins at the end of September? Anybody knows a good campsite on the...
  2. European Delivery
    Here's a write up of my recent ED. Photos can be found here: photo gallery Monday Arrive Munich 9 am on overnight flight from US. Rolf Raffelsieper provides not only car service, but great history of his career, BMW, and Munich. This includes driving tour of Munich area BMW facilities...
  3. European Delivery
    After ED pickup on a Monday, I'm planning on hitting Fussen then Innsbruck. I'll be leaving Innsbruck and was set on driving into the Alps, staying in Bruck and Berchtesgaden, then back to Munich. However, because I postponed a visit to Vienna two years ago, I now think that driving to Vienna...
1-3 of 3 Results