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  1. Time needed for delivery/visiting museum/visiting factory

    European Delivery
    I'm planning my first ED experience and want to fully experience the Welt. I plan to take the factory tour, visit the museum and otherwise enjoy my delivery day. As I plan my trip, I was wondering how much time I should allocate for that experience? Also, when in the ordering/building process...
  2. April 2018 Welt Pick Up Date

    European Delivery
    Does anyone have a confirmation already for a Welt pick up date around late April 2018? I placed my order of 2018 640i xDrive GT four weeks ago and was provided with a production number almost immediately. I also submitted my pick up date of April 26th, 2018 when I placed the order but as of...
  3. European Delivery Rally in July (2017)

    European Delivery
    Are you interested in the greatest car buying/leasing experience of your life? - Don't spend days trying to get the best price on your new BMW. Spend those days in Europe driving through Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, and the Netherlands while saving money and lowering your monthly...
  4. EDP - 2016 BMW M4 coupe - drives in southern Germany?

    F80/F82/F83 M3 and M4 (2015 - Current)
    I just ordered my M4 coupe and will be using that as an excuse to do a ~10 day trip to Tuscany/Cinque Terra with my wife and daughter. Pick-up day at BMW Welt (Munich) is late June. We're all stoked for the trip. For any of you who have take advantage of BMW's European Delivery Program or just...
  5. First ED: Rated ///M (SO F80)

    European Delivery
    I was a naive student out of college when I bought my first 2007 Lexus IS250. Everyone said I should buy a BMW but I didn't listen. And then I drove one... I had purchased a 2009 BMW M3 Sedan and ever since then, I've only grown more appreciation for BMWs. Along the way, I had owned a 335i...
  6. Turner Motorsport Frozen M5 European Delivery

    European Delivery Turner Motorsport owner Will Turner custom ordered a BMW Individual Frozen Gray 2013 M5 to match the shops Frozen Gray E92 M3. Picking the car up at the BMW Welt in Munich via the BMW European...
  7. Facebook Check-In at Welt

    European Delivery
    Not sure if Facebook rolled out FB places in Europe. Will I be able to check-in to FB places at Welt??? Would break my heart if I cant! :bawling:
  8. EU delivery in September

    F10 / F11 (2011 - 2016)
    I ordered my 550xi and picking it up in Munich in September. The last time I was there was in 2001 picking up my E39/540. Those that have been to the Welt recently please let me know your experience and/or suggestions for my visit.
  9. Parking at the Welt

    European Delivery
    Wiki says (under Hints, Tips and Tricks) Free Parking: You don’t need a car in Munich do you? Park your car at the Welt if you are staying for a few more days. They will give you free parking passes for the underground parking, but you have to ask for them at the front desk of the VIP lounge...
  10. Oktoberfest is in the Air...

    European Delivery
    Celebrate With Beer, Polka Bands and Lots of Great Food and of course the experience of a lifetime picking up your new BMW Automobile at the State- of -the- Art Welt Center located in Munich… Picking up your brand new BMW personally will be an unforgettable experience: Exclusive arrival and...
  11. ED Journey: Over the Hills & Through the Woods

    European Delivery
    It took long to post my report because the drive I used to update my journal somehow got corrupted twice and the hard drive I used for my pics had the same issue. So it took some time to put everything back together and then re-type what could not be recovered. I am accepting critiques from my...