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  1. F10 / F11 (2011 - 2016)
    I have a 535d M Sport Touring (F11) currently running run flats on 19" wheels. (I do have the variable damper control and always have this set to Comfort+ as I prefer better ride quality above all else). This will be my first winter in the car and I am trying to decide between the best wheel...
  2. E70 X5 M and E71 X6 M (2010 - 2015)
    Hi. Until last year I had an old 4.4 2000 X5, and I use it a lot in the snow. It was brilliant. (I liv in Switzerland where hard packed snow and ice are common at the ski resorts) Last year I got a M50d. The garage gave me a spare set of wheels + tyres. (Its customary here to put summer tyres...
  3. European Delivery
    Just found this link to a German site: It states that the Winter Tyre mandatory is not longer effective. So a brief ride from the delivery place to the drop off location is maybe possible:yikes:.
  4. Wheels and Tires
    Thanks for your interest...but the wheels have been sold. I purchased this winter package last year for my E39 touring but I've since upgraded to M5 calipers so they will no longer fit. Both the wheels & tires are in great shape. The tires have 90% of thier original tread left as I only ran...
  5. E90/E91/E92/E93 (2006 - 2013)
    I had previously put a post where I asked if sports package is a must buy on a new 335i. From everyone's response I am convinced that it is very much needed. But now I have another question. Which is a better deal, 335xi with sports package (without any snow tyres) or 335i with snow tyres for...
1-5 of 5 Results