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  1. E28 (1982 - 1988)
    Up for sale never run 2.4 only missing timing belt and water pump. Complete turbo and injection pump , special service tools and 2 complete ZF transmissions. On the shelf since the 80's....Would like to sell as a lot, but will part out if no one steps up. Check cincinnati craigs list for pictures.
  2. E39 (1997 - 2003)
    Torque wrenches have a calibration range where it is certified to be accurate. The best practice to ensure accuracy is to use a torque wrench within the middle of the calibration range. Example: Torque for tightening the transmission oil pan mounting screws: (5HP19 A5S325Z ZF Transmission)...
  3. E39 (1997 - 2003)
    Fluid used: ZF Automatic Transmission Fluid "Green Tag Transmission", 1 Litre, Brand: ZF 83-22-9-407-807 ZF-Lifeguard Fluid 5 Part No. S671.090.170 Reference: From ZF website:
  4. Parting Out
    Up for sale a 20L jug with about 5L (1/3 of tank) of Esso LT71141 ATF fluid remaining. I got this to perform regular ATF changes on my 2002 e39 530i (recommended interval is 50K miles) and this is a leftover fluid which I am selling since my car has been sold. This ATF is compatible with most...
  5. E46 (1999 - 2006)
    Hey guys, I experienced the dreaded E46 no reverse failure a few months back. Since then my otherwise pristine 323i (ZF auto trans) has been parked like the expensive scrap metal that it is. Does anyone have any experience driving one of these WITHOUT fixing the no reverse problem? I need...
21-25 of 25 Results