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Just got my 528i on the 2nd. When i went and looked at it, it had the DSC light on, abs, and brake (lit in yellow). I demanded that they fix it before i picked up the car.

on the way home with the car, no lights, until i start it back up after fueling, then they are all on again :rolleyes: I figure the a holes just reset the lights and sent it on its way.

But the other day i was drivign and notice ooooo lookey no lights! push the dsc button and it works properly. sweet it hink to myself.

Next day there back on. WTF :(

they've gone off and on a few times now, i can bring the car back to the dealer to have them "fix" it again but that 200+ miles one way :tsk: and ifs it more cost effective ill just fix it.

So what im looking for is possible things that could trip this so intermitently. :thumbup:

other than this crap the car has been awesome and im falling for it quickly lol
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