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00 740 il - transmission problem

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ok so i'm new to bmw i bought the car with the problem. the problem is that is stuck in one gear wich i think is 3rd or 4th i had a mechanic check the tranny and all the gears are ok and cluches the computer show that it needed 3 pressure control selonids so he change them and that was not the problem :mad: now i don't know what to do i really like car and i want to get it running again cam any one help me tanks in advance
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Man my car dose the same sometimes. Does your car go in to the trans fail safe mode? I guess the drive train is weak on these cars. Do you have the SES light on?
Yes it has the ses but my car is all ways been like that seince i bought it i just cant get it working right do u have an idea of wat it might be

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