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Sport & Premium packages and 5-Speed Manual. It's had 99,281 miles, but that's mostly highway. Average economy when I got the car was 25.2MPG, so I think it's good. The interior and exterior have been kept in exquisite condition by just one other owner, and the engine and transmission are still ultra smooth. This guy really babied it. I got it from a dealership. They took care of all the maintanence that was necessary, brakes and timing belt wise. List price was $17,500 but we were able to bring it down to $14,000 with some hardcore negotiations. 120PT inspection showed absolutely everything was in ***** and span condition.

So, that being said, this thing is officially my next big project. I'd like to kick her off with a little intake upgrade. I'm kinda new to this whole bimmer thing, so someone help me out here. I've been hearing about the K&N CAI giving it a decent tone and some extra power. Is that really worth the $250+ price tag? Maybe someone with some experience on intakes for these cars can point me in the right direction. What about just the K&N filter upgrades?

I'm also planning a Borla exhaust system upgrade as soon as I get my hands on some cash. Now I prefer my car to be quiet and luxurious, but I'm willing to make a small sacrifice on the exhaust tone. Too much might be pushing it though, so I want to get a hand in Borla's tone before I spend the $900, but can't seem to find an example anywhere.

One little upgrade that caught my eye but is definitely questionable is the Shark Injector (software upgrade). Last thing I need here is the decent fuel economy going down the drain because my workplace is pretty far out from where I live. A friend of mine had his fuel economy jacked by a software upgrade that gave it more go, but that was an E30. What about the E46?
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