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01 740iL - Suspension Advice - Help - Inputs! Springs & Struts or Coilovers?

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Hey all - I'm about ready to drop my 01' 740iL and bought some Eibach pro-kit 1.3" lowering springs. I just bought the car a couple months back...went through the paperwork and realized that I think these are the original struts. So with that being said, I was going to outfit my springs with some Bilstein Sport Struts.

Now - I'm no pro at any of this, so this is where I could really use the forums help. I don't want to spend too much....well anymore than struts and springs would cost me. So what do you feel the best option is for the $800-1000 price?

I don't know anything about coilovers...All I know is that I don't want to go TOO low as Massachusetts roads are brutal at times.

Thanks in advance!!!
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You might take a look at EACeuroparts . They might have something that ill work for you.
I went to the website, but everything was targeted at the E39. Didn't see anything performance oriented for the E38. Am I missing something?
If you look it up by application we have the bilstein sport strut. Those struts are designed to be a little shorter and should work for you. And yes alot of our feature parts are aimed at the E39 but we do have parts available for everything .
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