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Hopefully one of you guys has experienced one or more of my problems.

I start the car 2002 318i and it idles fine. It then runs fine until the coolant temperature reaches the top of the blue area and then it is terrible. If you have stopped at the time, you cannot pull away as there is no throttle response. If you are cruising at the time it just hesitates with a major flat spot. Once the temperature rises, the car behaves more like normal.

I am not sure if it is related but I also have really poor response below 2000rpm. The engine then surges like a rocket as soon as 2000rpm is reached.

Anybody seen anything like this before? I have actually had it to a BMW dealer under warranty and they seemed to fix it saying that the VTC 'something' didn't have the chassis number in it so they reprogrammed it and it was ok now. It did seem to be fixed but it quickly came back and is now crap. I assume that VTC is Variable Timing Control or suchlike which worries me a bit. It certainly would fit the symtoms although why at low temperature?

Thanks in advance for any help.
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