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02 v 03 330ci

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Can't wait.

Strongly considering either ordering my 02 330ci, or taking ED of one of the last units. Am I crazy? Is this like buying a used car at a new car price?

Some considerations:

- Might be able to swing a bit of a deal on a late model 02
- Drive a lot, so in a couple years I am thinking I'll have a car that doesn't "appear high mileage," (i.e., drive 18K/year, a 2002 would show 54k in 2005, a 2003 would show nearly the same depending on delivery dates)
- Who knows what pricing will be, and there seem to be few if any material changes
- Final option is an 01 330ci with low mileage at a decent price.

Would appreciate your thoughts!

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If you didn't drive so much i would say get the newest model year. In your case I would say get the 2001 so you aren't taking 100% of the depreciation hit.
If the European Delivery for an 02 is still an option its a great deal and experience. You'll save enough that should cover the year 02/03 trade off buying at the end of the year and you'll get exactly the car you want. My sales guy, Joern Esser, at Passport BMW delivers all kinds of ED cars to people around the country, give him a call to find out how the program works.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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