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Hello everyone,
I just bought a used 330xi with 28k miles on it. It’s certified with new tires etc. It’s was a leased vehicle that’s very clean. Prior to buying this one, I test drove a 325xi as well as another 330xi and noticed a different sounds in the drive train systems. My question is, do these models have a rumbling noise to them when you let off of the gas pedal? It almost sounds as though a bearing is going out or there’s a slightly bent drive shaft. Although not loud, it’s just noticeable. I mentioned this to the BWM sales guys who had their mechanic drive it again and they said it was okay.

Having owned a 330ci and an X5 prior to this one, I haven’t encountered this sounds before and thought I’d reach out to you to see if it’s just the way these models are designed and built. Is this just the way the xi series are or is there something I should be concerned about with this one?

Thanks in advance for your response!
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