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Keep in mind sounds can be very deceptive in where they are actually coming from.

How I'd go about it would be to start putting pressure on things you suspect of the noise, while driving. Hold down the center of the dash, the center vents, the radio, steering wheel column, shifter surround, ashtray, etc, etc, etc. When something squeaks like that, it's because two or more parts are close together enough but *just* loose enough to rub and thus squeak, so chances are that mild pressure in the right spot would be enough to silence the sound and reveal your problem area.

If that doesn't work, take it to the next level and say, remove the HVAC vents and start feeling around in there to try to quiet it down. Keep digging until you have success!

With the cold weather coming in, I have a new squeak that sounded as if it was coming from behind me. Using the above method, I eventually traced it to the removable panel on the underside of the dash, directly below the head unit. Removed it, no more squeak. Now I just need to install it with some felt or something to help the situation when it's installed.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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