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06 Bmw 750 Li video options

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Hi guys
Im new here, and new to BMW's so go easy on me. Please forgive me if i ask any dumb questions.

Thanks in advance.
Ok i have a E65 bmw 750 li rear dvd entertainement with the CCC system.

Is there anyway to get dvd or a video source to play on the front idrive screen,
I have been told there is no way to unlock dvd in motion on this unit,

Or is there anyway to view the rear dvd entertainment on the front nav screen?
what i really am looking for is a way to hook my iphone up to the screen and be able to view the iphone screen on the nav screen. But i would the red white and yellow RCA connectors and apparently this car does not have them.

Car has rear tv tuner, Can that be enable to show on the front screen?

This is strictly for the passenger to view while on long trips.

I know its illegal, but hey its hot.
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Hello an Welcome to the place where the IMPOSSIBLE becomes the POSSIBLE!. Thanks to the infamous Ace:D. To answer your question YES it is possible to have video played on the front (MMI)screen. Its all coding issues. You have come to the right place. Below is your Link to success an it will provide all the info you will need to accomplish your goal. Welcome aboard an Good Luck:D. P.S a little Ball buster you have a E66 not E65 LOL;)
Lol Thanks
Told you i was new.
Just got this car a couple of months ago.
Look forward to talking to you alot.

I have alot of questions about this E66.
When i try to view the video, it says this video is private.
Getting nothing at all.

Help Please
Give me some time. I'm trying to see what the HECK happen. Sorry.
Be careful,


Restrictions on Cell Phone Use for Novice Drivers
Video Screen Restriction

Law: Prohibits driver under age 18 from using a wireless communications device while operating a motor vehicle during the six months period following the original issuance of a class A, B or C license.
Statute: 2005 SB 1257
Penalties: No penalty specified.

Law: No television viewer, screen or other means of visually receiving a television broadcast can be located in the field of view of the operator of the vehicle while the vehicle is in motion.
Statute: Tex. Transp. Code § 547.611 (2007)

my two cents
That a law everywhere in the US but who cares. I bet the if the chief of police had a 750 with RES he would be the 1st one on here looking to add video on the move:D.
I'm n Texas and no one can do it here do u know anyone close that can
That would be nice.
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