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Car has 121,000 miles and I bought it new in April '06. With the fairly frequent mentions of torn intake boots, DISA problems and dirty IAC I thought I would take a crack at doing those three jobs for the first time for the X3.

The intake boot was perfect - no cracks and still flexible. The DISA was in good condition and did not show any evidence of problems. The IAC, however, was seized tight as a drum. So it was totally worthwhile to do the maintenance just to free up the dirty IAC.

I went ahead and rebuilt the DISA with the German Auto Solutions kit. Very well made kit and the instructions are fool proof - I hope anyway:).

The intake boot was fairly easy, but I'd like to have a few minutes with whoever decided to orient the hose clamps in such a way as to make them almost impossible to loosen and take off.

The money shot was cleaning the IAC. I am looking forward to driving the car tomorrow to see if I can recognize any difference or any improvement in how the X3 starts and accelerates along with gas mileage.

I would have already taken a test drive but German Auto Solutions stipulates that the thread locker used to assemble their kit takes 12 hours to cure.
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