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07 335i: Need help changing tail light!

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1. How do I remove the tail light? Can I pry it open with a screw driver? I really don't wanna scuff/warp the plastic around it.

2. What kind of light bulb do I use? The owners manual says a W16W. Autozone says: But I'm not even sure if that's right...

3. I bought my vehicle Certified Pre Owned. I'm not really sure what's covered under warranty or what the whole thing entails. I also paid for tire and wheel warranty + auto armor warranty. I'm not 100% sure what those are either. The sales women sort of talked me into it, how everyone gets at least those. If you have any info for me and can shed some light on any of these topics, it would be greatly appreciated.
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Is it that hard? Are you doing the part on the trunk or the body? On the trunk, there were some tabs I pulled out for the trim, then pull back the foam, then the bulb assembly just unclips.

I would use OEM parts - if the resistance isn't just perfect, it will set off that irritating warning light that your bulb is out. Its a friggen headache.
Yeah i got it open just now. Where would I get OEM parts? Thanks for the reply
If your car is an E90 then: P21W 12V 21W

If your car is an E92 then: W16W 12V 16W

Go to the dealer to purchase.
Mine's E92

Good OEM site: to look up parts to buy (expensive shipping)

yea i'll prob head down to the dealership. thanks all.
If you're under warranty, the dealer will replace OEM bulbs free.
yes, if you have an '07, just have the dealer do it and get a loaner car - well it only takes a few minutes to do, so you could just wait. Its free under the 4 year warranty.
we are fully stocked with tail lights and bulbs
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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