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Bimmerfest is Saturday August 25th in Aberdeen, Maryland. As with most large car meets, participants get into town the night before with freshly detailed cars and an extreme case of boredom. Groups of friends wonder "What can we do tonight that will be fun but not get us into too much trouble before the show?" Well, the BMWCCA National Chapter and BimmerWorld have your answer. The BMWCCA have a private room reserved at the Tilted Kilt where you can spend some quality Pre-Bimmerfest time with like-minded gear heads. The club is working to get reserved parking out front. (Stay tuned for more parking and gathering info)

BimmerWorld's owner/driver James Clay, race mechanics, and office personnel will be in attendance to hang out and talk cars. What better way to spend the Friday night before Bimmerfest than with fellow like-minded car enthusiasts?

Don't forget to take off Friday so you can wash/wax the car in the morning or take an extended lunch break to knock it out before the big party.

Friday, 8/24 from 6:00-9:30. Be there!

Tilted Kilt
8133 Honeygo Blvd
White Marsh, MD 21236
(410) 497-0792
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