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The CTSC is an excellent source. They have good tutorials too. I have done two mechatronics refresh jobs. The transfer case does not need to be removed. If you support it with a jack you can remove the bolts from the rear transmission support and gain plenty of access to the electrical connector and sleeve if you're patient. The solenoid replacement is easy, just make sure you keep it free of dirt, dust, paper towel debris, etc. Replace the oil pan too since it contains the filter. I'd do the whole job at once, the solenoids, the electrical connector sleeve, the rectangular one and the four tubular ones. You can easily drain and refill later for a more complete fluid refresh.
There is a lot of opinion on fluid to use. ZF Lifeguard 6 is the factory fluid. Ravenol makes it too. The Valvoline Multi-Vehicle ATF also meets the BMW and ZF spec per their data sheet on their web site.
The car has to be up in the air and level. I use jack stands.
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