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There's a good chance that doing the seals and tubes, along with the prerequisite drain-and-fill will take care of your issues. And yes, you do have to drop the front driveshaft to get to the fill plug on the transmission (no big deal). If you still have issues after, the next step would be to swap out the solenoids, which also requires another drain-and-fill, which is a good thing as it leaves you with even better fluid new-to-old ratio.

FWIW, it's quite possible to fill the transfer case without dropping it or the exhaust and huge heat shield. Just drain it, and insert a cork (or similar) with a tube through the middle, and pump the full liter of fluid into the transfer case. Then carefully capture what comes out when you reinstall the drain plug, and let 400mL out total, leaving the required 600mL in the case. About 5 minutes work vs. hours.
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