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I am working on a 2003 BMW 745Li for a friend. They just had the alternator replaced previously by someone else. The battery and alternator light stayed on but the car seemed to work fine and keep charge.

They took it to BMW and the dealership told them it is because the alternator should be 1 pin but it has 2 pins at the connection.

I removed the alternator that was just recently installed and they returned it to Oreilly. When I removed it, I confirmed that the connector on the car is set up for only 1 pin.

The car is set up for water cooled at the moment but I cannot find a 1 pin water cooled 180 amp alternator anywhere. However, I have found an air cooled alternator with only 1 pin. I called the dealership with my VIN (WBAGN63493DR08636) and they gave me 2 part numbers that are both 180 amp but one is water cooled (12317526286) and one is air cooled(12317540992). The water cooled I believe has two pins as far as I can tell and the air cooled has only one.

So did someone convert this to water cooled? Does it not really matter that it is 2 pin? Or is there a 1 pin 180 amp water cooled alternator out there?

Any help would be very much appreciated!!
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