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'11 e70 x5 35i (LCI) coding assistance/question

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I need some help coding the angel eye corona rings to stay at full brightness when the headlights are on as well as when the welcome light feature is used. My car is a 2011 X5 3.5i and I have done a ridiculous amount of searching and reading and have yet to find an answer. It seems every forum I've gone to has said something different. I finally just started to code the frm trying different strings and I am not quite sure it made a difference. I have coded back to original with one exception I have changed PWM_SL_1_FKT_SL_TFL_DIMM from wert_03 to wert_01, can't really say if that made a difference. What I want is the angel eyes to be full power all the time. If anyone has successfully coded a 2011 and accomplished this I will truly be grateful for any advice you could offer me. If it helps at all I have included a link to FSW_PSW.TRC, ASW.TRC, NETTODAT.TRC, fa.trc from my most recent crack at it.

Just to clarify this is a 2011 X5 3.5i prod. date 11/20/2010, it is the refresh minus the LED angel eyes, currently using gp thunder h8's, tried some led options however they failed to meet expectations. The LCI headlights for some reason weren't introduced until 2012 on the US models.

Thank you in advance.