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12-hour Compliance Post - Imperial Blue 335

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I took delivery of the new 335 at the Welt about 4 hours ago and am now back at the hotel to make sure the pix deadline was met! Had a very enjoyable day there. We arrived at about 10:30 and got the paperwork completed in about 20 minutes, leaving a little time to relax in the lounge before the factory tour at 11:30. It started and ended a little late, leaving about a half-hour to relax back in the lounge before the 2:20 scheduled pre-briefing. We met with Alex Moni. When he found out I had owned several BMW's before, he suggested we skip the pre-briefing and go right to the car, which I gladly agreed to. Alex was a very nice guy and did a great job of going through and explaining all the technology that was new to me (cameras, new iDrive interface, PDC, voice control, etc.), taking well over an hour in all. I'd seen an Imperial Blue and beige Lux Line at the dealer, so knew I liked the combination, but had never seen a good picture of the no-line 335 wheels before, and was relieved to find they look just fine. Afterwards, I drove outside and had the car valet parked so we could return inside to get my 10 euros worth and engraved keychain at the shop, then Skyped a couple of friends back in the US (it was late enough by then!). We left the Welt a little after 5 then let nav get me the short distance back to the hotel.

The picture inside the Welt didn't come out too well due to the outside light, but there's a better picture taken outside when I left the car for the valet. The last picture shows the car in the hotel garage in a typically narrow parking space. Glad I knew the mirrors could fold!


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Congrats! Enjoy the rest of the trip, and post more pics please!
Very nice - enjoy the rest of your trip! :thumbup:
Congratulations; very nice. What is all the gunk on your hood?
Congrats !! It's a beautiful car ! ;)
Thanks, all!

Congratulations; very nice. What is all the gunk on your hood?
No gunk. Are you seeing reflections of the ceiling lights maybe?
I love the Imperial Blue. Sweet! Enjoy your trip and the new ride. :thumbup:

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