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Hi All,

I've got an issue with my 09 135i. I am getting 29F4, 29F5 cat efficiency codes and occasionally see the dreaded 30FF. When I get on the gas ~2500 RPM the car goes into limp mode. However, if I down shift and get the engine up to 3500ish this doesn't happen.

I have a CAI and JB4 installed, running map 1.

This car has 110K on it, and I've been chasing a skip in the engine for a while. I used to get misfires and have replaced the injectors and coil packs. Carbon build up also cleaned out of the intake. No more misfire codes, but I did have a couple injectors fail whatever test BMW did; hence the replacement. Plugs are new since the last oil change too.

I am trying to figure out if my turbo's are shot or if the cats are clogged. I don't have a ton of experience with turbos, but they are not making any noise that worries me no clunks no wastegate rattle. I've tried Cataclean, and I've noticed a 2mpg improvement since (several tanks).

Any ideas?

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