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$1500 Dealer Markup above MSRP?

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John Shafer,

Any comments? A BMW Center in Northern California is adding an additional $1500 above the MSRP to all E46's. I was told that this surcharge is the result of increased demand. I guess that I will be making a call to Franco and traveling to Santa Barbara for our next BMW purchase.

Is this the only BMW Center with this dealer mark up?
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If you're talking about BMW Concord, yeah, they put a ~20% markup on everything sold there. They call it "Market Adjusted Price" and negotiate down from there to MSRP.

I live just 10 min away and they were the first dealership I went to when I was car shopping last year. Ironicly when I made the rounds to order a car though the fleet manager/internet sales, I got the lowest price quote from them. :dunno:
shifty said:

"rizzoed"? whats that mean?
You can find it at in the faq. Or click below.
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