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$1500 Dealer Markup above MSRP?

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John Shafer,

Any comments? A BMW Center in Northern California is adding an additional $1500 above the MSRP to all E46's. I was told that this surcharge is the result of increased demand. I guess that I will be making a call to Franco and traveling to Santa Barbara for our next BMW purchase.

Is this the only BMW Center with this dealer mark up?
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shifty said:

"rizzoed"? whats that mean?
Rizzo method isn't a bad way to go. I've done it in the past long before I can remember someone calling it Rizzo.

This time, I just found a good price that was ~$1500 over invoice from an online leasing company and presented it to the sales rep. He had a choice. Match the price or I walk. After many tries by him and his GSM to convince me otherwise, I walked out of the dealership. Just as I was closing the door to my car the sales rep came running to me and matched the price.

If I had the opportunity I would have gone the Rizzo method. At the moment, I just didn't have the time.
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