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16x7 OEM Wheels (7 spoke)

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Should fit on any E46 model -- 2000+ 3 series cars. Most common 325i wheel and will probably fit on many other models.

I recently hit a bad LA pothole and bent one wheel and the tire bubbled out from the inside and subsequently damaged a good portion of my suspension. I just replaced everything and used the opportunity to upgrade to bigger new wheels/tires. So now I have 3 wheels and 3 tires, which you could use to replace your wheels. If you need a 4th wheel, you could order a reconditioned one for $194 shipped (without center cap) but I have 4 center caps, so all good! You'll also need two new tires to keep them matched. The two matching tires are standard OEM BMW Continentals with 10K miles on them. Good for another 10K.

I can provide detailed pictures via email. I can get the tires removed too if desired.

Price: $300 obo + shipping (4th wheel/tire free if desired). I'm located in Redondo Beach, CA if you are local and want to pick them up or see them.