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Selling my set of 17" CCW LM20 Wheels. They came off a E36 M3 (pictured below). Two of the wheels had the faces get damaged during tire mounting, you can see that a small piece around the center cap came off with the center cap. The damage shouldn't impact usability as the lug areas nor any other area of the wheel was damaged. In either case, I had actually purchased 2 new CCW LM20 centers/faces in an effort to lower the offset of the rear wheels (which are the two that got damaged), which I will includes so there are 4 faces with no damage. The new faces were powder-coated grey which I planned to have the fronts matched to until I sold my car. One wheel had a slight bend (run-out .078") in the lip/barrel of the wheel but was able to balance just fine.

The lips could use a polish and personally I would re-do the faces uses the 2 new centers I have to make a really awesome set of LM20's!

In all, you'll get 4 wheels with 2 extra CCW LM20 Faces powder-coated grey. You can use the wheels as is, or rebuild them with the new faces keeping in mind that the new faces will lower the rear offset by 1-1.125" or 25-28MM (I can't remember the exact final ET).

Wheel Specs below:
17" CCW LM20's
3 Piece Forged
ARP Hardware
5x120 Bolt pattern
Front: 17x8.5 +29 (2.5" lip)
Rear: 17x9 +44 (3.5" lip) - If you use the new faces the offset will be 25-28 MM lower

Pics of the damage (rear wheels):

$1,500 + shipping
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