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I am selling this set of 4 BMW OEM type-73 wheels (17" x 7"), wrapped with 205/55/17 Michelin Pilot Alpins.

First off let me say that these wheels are in excellent condition with nary a scratch on them. They are a little dirty in the below pic, but hey that's what happens when they sit in a dusty garage for 6 months. :)

The tires are excellent snow/slush/ice tires. I'm sure I don't need to tell you how bad winter is here in Rochester, NY but in case you're unaware, I made it through hell for 2 seasons with ease and confidence on these tires.

They will fit any 3-series vehicle which can accomodate 17" wheels over the brakes. I'm pretty sure this applies to all e36 models as well (someone correct me if I'm wrong). They are likely good for another 2 seasons if you drive them nicely like I have.

As I stated I've used these for 2 winters. They have appx. 50-60% tread left on them. I rotated them after 1 season so they would wear evenly. 2 of the tires have SLIGHT sidewall bulges, just from road bumps and such.

Here is a picture, I'm asking $650 obo including shipping (though the shipping may increase the price if it's a special arrangement like a different country for example). If you pick them up, save $50! I originally paid $400 for the tires and $600 for the wheels + shipping for everything. They even come with free BMW center caps (an amazing $15 value! FREE!!). :D

Here they are on my previous car (330i):

PLEASE EMAIL ME if you are interested. I can be reached at [email protected]

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