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*edit*....ADR wheels...i have no idea how i typo'd that! */edit*

this is kind of a feeler...

the wheels are currently on my car, and can be seen here

just ask if you want more pictures

all wheels have some curb rash on them, no dents

paint is starting to peel, they need refinished to look good (i could paint them for you if you want....look at my bike on photobucket to see that i can paint :)

tires -

5 - kumho ecsta supra 205/40zr17 80w 4 are like new, shade under 2k miles on them, one still has the sticker on the tread, but has a patch on it

2 - falken ziex ze-502 205/40zr17 80w have about the same wear, one side is a little more worn than the other, both in good shape and have about 3/4 tread left

make offers if you're interested....buyer is responsible for shipping costs or pickup

i'd trade for some differant wheels...i'd like 15-17" something light since i plan to take the car to the track... let me know what you've got...
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