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18 inch rim fitment on M calipers

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Hi, hoping someone can confirm for me as the BMW parts guy didnt sound too sure. I am looking at a set of 18 inch bmw rims ( for winter tires) that were on a 2017 530 with the standard non M brakes. I have a 540 with M brakes, can someone confirm if these rims would fit? I cant easily go try them for fitting as they are a 4 hour drive from me, but if they were to fit, it would be worthwhile to make the drive to buy them. Model number is 6861224

Thanks in advance!
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After looking up that part appears it is wheel style # 619.

If you go to one of the online part database sites like or ...all you need to do is enter the last 7 digits of your VIN (makes the database specific to your build)...and go to the wheel diagrams. Pull up the 619 wheel style diagram and scroll down through the part nbr list. If it will not fit on the M brake fitted models...then there would be a note or indication that would let you know.

Again, doing a generic search of that wheel style...when you click on the part nbr it lists all of the g30 models in the screen capture below. I do recommend going to the site (the one below is the Bimmercat site) and enter your VIN to see if the M-brake option precludes the use of this wheel. If it doesn't...then you should be good to go. :)

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