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18 inch rim fitment on M calipers

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Hi, hoping someone can confirm for me as the BMW parts guy didnt sound too sure. I am looking at a set of 18 inch bmw rims ( for winter tires) that were on a 2017 530 with the standard non M brakes. I have a 540 with M brakes, can someone confirm if these rims would fit? I cant easily go try them for fitting as they are a 4 hour drive from me, but if they were to fit, it would be worthwhile to make the drive to buy them. Model number is 6861224

Thanks in advance!
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Here is the real answer, not conjecture.

I ran those wheels as my winter set on my 2017 540i xDrive with MSport brakes, and moved them over to my 2020 540i xDrive with MSport brakes, have put probably 80,000 miles on over 5 winters (and counting) and there are zero fitment problems. A side benefit is I really love the all silver rims; I get to change up by 540's look twice a year.

Note that I have the MSport brakes. The 18's may or may not fit over the MPerformance brakes. Your post does not specify which you have (just "M brakes" which could be either) nor do you specify the chassis of your 540. Since you are posting on the G30 forum, I assume you have a G30, but if you have a E39 or other earlier 540, the bolt pattern is completely different.
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