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18 inch rim fitment on M calipers

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Hi, hoping someone can confirm for me as the BMW parts guy didnt sound too sure. I am looking at a set of 18 inch bmw rims ( for winter tires) that were on a 2017 530 with the standard non M brakes. I have a 540 with M brakes, can someone confirm if these rims would fit? I cant easily go try them for fitting as they are a 4 hour drive from me, but if they were to fit, it would be worthwhile to make the drive to buy them. Model number is 6861224

Thanks in advance!
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I might suggest a call to Tire Rack. They are extremely knowledgeable about such things. While this is many years ago, I recall when I got wheels and snow tires for my '98 M3 sedan the Tire Rack Folks said only one wheel at the time would clear the M brakes so I got them. They are usually a very good, knowledgeable and friendly resources on wheels and tires. --Bob
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